Candle Refill


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Candle Refills can be paid for online or upon drop off at the Shop.

Upon drop off and payment, you will be able to choose a scent from the scents we are currently pouring - usually there is a choice of at least three different scents, as well as unscented.  We are normally pouring at least once every two weeks, so you should have your candle back in this time frame.  Once your candle refill is completed, you will be notified and you can just drop back to the Shop to pick it up.

Candle bases usually can be refilled multiple times, however, sometimes things happen!  A fracture or break in the base can occur with normal wear and usage.  If a candle base that has been refilled, fractures or breaks after it has left the Shop, unfortunately it is not replaceable and a refund is not possible.

If we notice a crack or even a hairline fracture in the base, we may not be able to pour the candle due to safety precautions. If we notice that the base is fractured as we refill it (sometimes, the fracture is so small that you can only see it once the wax starts to pour in the base), we will halt the refilling process and return the base to the Shop for pick-up (or to be disgarded, upon your direction).

While we take extreme care in transporting candle bases, sometimes a base can accidentally be broken.  If we break a base we will replace it with the closest base that we have to your orginal base.