Caplansky’s Mustard - Ballpark


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Take me out to the Ball Game! 

This classic inspired mustard invokes the memories of all those Ball Park Hot Dogs, neighbourhood BBQs and more. Slather onto your favourite burger, sausage roll or (of course) Hot Dog to your hearts content. 


MADE in Canada and proud! 

This all Canadian mustard is made out of Caplansky's Delicatessen in Toronto, Ont. Made using Canadian Mustard seeds, all natural, no GMO, Gluten Free & Vegan/Vegetarian. 

Caplansky's Delicatessen has taken shape since 2007 transforming from specializing in house-cured hand-cut smoked meats and sandwiches, to purveyors of beyond delish artisnal sandwiches and makers of some of the best Mustard to ever pass your lips. 

220ml glass jar.

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