Port Sippers - Set of 4


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This set of 4 hand-blown borosilicate (the same glass used in French Coffee Presses) serving glasses date back to 17th century Europe, where they were known as Schnapps Pfeiffen. The classic design of these glasses allows the wine to be sucked from the bottom of the glass, ensuring that oxygen doesn’t come in contact with the port, effectively reducing the oxidation of the wine and giving you full true taste.

These small glasses are meant to be held in the palm of your hand, so the wine is slightly warmed and deliver the true taste of your fortified wine or Port. These glasses provide an especially enjoyable way to savor port, dessert wine or liqueurs.

Each 2.75 ounce sipper measures 3.5"H x 1.75"W x 3"D and is hand washable only.

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