Whisky Cocktail - Soap in a Tin


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With its vintage tin, these whisky cocktails are served with style!

100g Soap Bars


Rusty Nail - Woody Spicy fragrance with a start of bergamot and spicy violet, followed by cedar wood.  

Manhattan - Opening whisky notes, citrus nuances and warm radiant spices leading to a heart of delicate floral notes supported by a base of woods, benzoin and amber.

Rob Roy - This Whisky infused soap is fruity gourmand powdery, vanilla nutty rum with creamy almond liquorice with a base of sweet cakes dried fruits, infused with coffee, patchouli and amber.

Dandy Sour - Bursting to life with zesty citrus notes blending bergamot and mandarin, that soothed by the cooling notes of spearmint before spicy black pepper adds a depth that trails towards a fruity floral heart.  Bright grapefruit meanders along side delicate tones of jasmine and earthy patchouli, that settle on a soft warming base of amber musk and sandalwood.


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