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Each of the soaps we handcraft have their own story - they have been inspired by our surroundings, our activities, and things we treasure most!

Inspiration for Barrens Blend came from the many days picking bakeapples with our family.  Our family cabin is on the Southern Shore, surrounded by barrens and late July was always berry picking time and some of our most memorable family moments.

We love a great cup of coffee and it's nothing better than sitting on the deck on a summer morning savouring each sip - so it's no wonder that coffee from the Bonavista Coffee Company became the focus of one of our initial soaps.  

Rose Garden was the result of the pleasure we get from Gardening and meandering our way through beautiful gardens.  The Roses were harvested from our own garden and dehydrated for use in these soaps.

And who doesn't love a spiced cake!!  The smell of a cake baking in the oven fills the house with the aroma of warmth and love - hence a soap based on cinnamon and cocoa.

Each soap weighs approximately 125g.

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