Bizzie Tizzie is Gonna be Everything from A to Z by Yvonne Bryant


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Come along with Bizzie Tizzie as she takes you to the moon and back and all the exciting possibilities in between!

This little character has a wild and fun imagination and boundless energy!

So hold onto your cowboy hat and enjoy the ride, Bizzie Tizzie style!

Giddy up!!

"A wonderful, inspiriting message for young readers, that you can be anything you want to be. The writing is brilliantly supported by the rich, colourful illustrations that make every page a delight." -Derek Peddle, Author/Illustrator of 3 Children's Books


"Bizzie Tizzie is about so much more than the alphabet. It's a sweeping treatment of different professions with rhyme; and for each letter. One can hardly imagine an author doing more with it!" - Jeff R. Kelland, Independent Author/Publisher

Illustrated by Kevin and Jessica Tobin

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