French Butter Keeper - Cream Euro

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The French certainly know about butter!

The French Butter Crock design keeps butter fresh at room temperature and spreadable for serving, not to mention they're beautifully crafted pieces that you'll be proud to have on your table. 

Simply pack the lid/bell with butter, fill the crock with enough water to meet the under side of butter (between 1-2in of water depending on the piece). The water acts as a seal to maintain freshness, and voila! Perfectly fresh and spreadable butter everytime!

  • Handmade in NL
  • Wheel thrown pottery
  • Measures approx. 4" x 2.75"

Check out this handy video: How to use your French Butter Keeper

Creator and lover of all things pottery, Rochelle of Imagine that Pottery creates all of her one-of-kind pieces from her studio in Kelligrews, NL.

These pottery pieces are handmade and have one-of-kind qualities. Products may differ slightly in size and finish from those pictured.

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