Gourmet Vinegars


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The Vinegars from Snowdon House Gourmet change as the fruit in season becomes available.  These are fruit-infused white vinegars which are sulphite free.  Snowdon House uses farm-fresh fruit form either their own farm or other British Columbian farms.  

Use as a salad dressing right out of the bottle.  Or to use as a drink, plase a couple of tablespoons in a glass and add sparkling water for a refreshing beverage.

Once opened, the vinegars should be refigerated.


Douglas Fir Vinegar

Douglas Fir is picked in the morning and processed the same day.  It's a citrusy floral fusion - not at all what you would expect.  This one will knock your socks off.


Lavender Vinegar

A light lavender flavour.  Great in a fruit salad or use with salmon.


Elderflower Vinegar

Incredible flavour from the elderflowers grown and havested on the Snowdon House Farm.


Strawberry and Douglas Fir Vinegar

The Sweetness of lush strawberries paired with the citrus notes of the Douglas Fir.


Ginger Lemon Verbena Vinegar

A must for seafood and salads.


Pear and Anise Vinegar

A blend of lucious Bartlett pears and anise stars pack a licorice flavour and scent.