Wax Melt/Wax Sachet


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Winter Rose Garden:  A delicate, sweet and floral scent reminiscent of a quiet stroll through an English Rose Garden.

Lavender Fields:  An enchanting blend of lavender with silky French vanilla infused with rich coconut milk and hints of musk.

Orange Chocolate:  A creamy rich blend of delicious dark chocolate mixed with hints of orange.

Pecan Pie: An enchanting blend of fresh pecans mixed with butter sauce and a hint of flaky pastry.

Pumpkin Pie:  A delightful and delicious scent of creamy pumpkin infused wih orange, star anise, and vanilla.


Instructions:  Place in wax warmer and then light the tea light or, if electric, turn on the warmer.  Can be used as a solid air freshener by placing the sachet on a decorative plate on a table, lay in a drawer or hang in a closet.

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