Catalina by Lori Doody

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by Lori Doody

Catalina lived a purrfect life. She ate when she was hungry. She played with her toys when she wanted. She napped to her heart's content.

 Catalina has an almost purrrfect life, although sometimes she is sad and sometimes she is a little bit lonely. Then one day her owners come home with not one, not two, but three puppies. Now she isn’t lonely; she’s cranky! What’s a cat to do? It takes a while, but Catalina comes to see that perhaps puppies aren’t so bad after all. 

 In this charming picture book, Lori Doody explores the importance of accepting change, adapting to an expanding family situation, and making friends. With its playful language and retro-style illustrations, this delightful story will appeal to cat-lovers of every age.

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