PB’s Comet by Marnie Parsons

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... an upstart young lamb with her head full of stars was too much for this old goat to stomach, by far.


PB spends her summer on Fox Island with the other sheep and goats, but she's more interested in stargazing than nibbling on the grass. She knows a famous astronomer once visited Toads Cove, and has set her sights on following in his path and finding a comet, despite a cantankerous old goat who plots to undermine her efforts.

This playful poetic tale about a lamb who won't give up and an old goat who learns a thing or two is inspired by the author's community, where sheep and goats really do graze on islands off the coast, and a famous astronomer really did once visit.

Award-winning artist Vaselina Tomova's illustrations offer a delightfully whimsical complement to this charming story.

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