Peg Bearskin

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Peg Bearskin: A traditional Newfoundland tale (revised edition)

Adapted by Andy Jones and Philip Dinn
from a story told by Mrs. Elizabeth Brewer
with new illustrations by Denise Gallagher

Co-recipient of the 2019 Aesop Award by the Children's Division of the American Folklore Society

Shortlisted for the 2020 Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Excellence in Illustration (An Atlantic Book Award)

Starred listing in Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids & Teens

"and Peg lay down on the floor, but she couldn't sleep. She twisted and turned all night, just couldn't get to sleep. There was something bad about that place, she could feel it right down into her bones. So she got up and she walked around the old woman's house. Now, she soon knew that the old woman was a witch, for in her kitchen she found a decanter that could never be emptied. She poured wine into it, turned it upside down, the wine flowed and flowed and flowed. Water same thing, milk same thing. Flowed and flowed. Never stopped. Then out in the barn, she found a lantern that could shine a half mile light. You didn't have to fill it. You didn't have to light it. All you had to do was touch it, and it shone for a half a mile. And touch it Peg did, and it shone for half a mile ..."

Peg's big, ugly, and hairy, yes, but she's also smart enough and brave enough to outsmart a witch, help a king, and find husbands for her two beautiful sisters and for herself. This brilliant re-take on a classic folktale from Placentia Bay, Newfoundland will have readers of all ages cheering for Peg. And falling for her too!

The story is now available in this bright and beautiful new edition. Maintaining Dinn and Jones's original adapted text, with all of its playful wit and delightful musicality, this new book features all new illustrations by Louisiana-based Denise Gallagher. Their fun, folksy flavour breathes new life into the story, and reminds us that Peg is a heroine for all places and all times.

The previous edition of this story, now out of print, was named to the International Youth Library's 2004 White Ravens List and was shortlisted for the 2004/05 Hackmatack Award.

What folks are saying:

"Andy Jones and Philip Dinn's retelling perfectly captures the cadences of the oral story and Denise Gallagher's illustrations add to the fun, giving life to this rebellious heroine who needs to be known to girls across Canada." ~ Jeffry Canton in the Globe and Mail 

"Peg Bearskin is delightful and fun to read" Harriet Zaidman in CM: Canadian Review of Materials 

"This is an excellent and possibly mandatory addition to the 398.2 collection in any Canadian school. Peg rocks! / Highly recommended. Anne Letain in Resource Links

"Peg Bearskin is told in language that is rich, colorful, and filled with humor. It begs to be read out loud.... We need more characters like Peg Bearskin in the world! This is a thoroughly delightful book." ~ from the Jury statement for the 2019 Aesop Award, Children's Division, American Folklore Society

"With its earthy green tones and beet red touches, Peg Bearskin becomes a true reflection of the folklife of Newfoundland while continuing to focus on the message that beauty should be accepted in its different manifestations. ... There is beauty in all of it and most of all in Peg Bearskin herself." ~ Helen Kubiw in CanLit for LittleCanadians 


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