Violet Wool - Sheep by the Sea Slippers

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From Dublin, Ireland, these pure wool slippers are not only unbelievably comfortable but also quite easy to care for. Made to be worn indoors, they are super soft and capable of warming up even the coldest feet. Wool has impressive thermoregulating properties, so there is no need to worry about getting cold feet.  

  • Made from the finest, softest, most breathable and hypoallergenic wool.
  • Women's Sizing

Slipper Care:

  • Spot clean only, lay flat to dry. 
  • For indoors use only.
  • Keep slippers in a dry environment. 
  • Not suitable for cleaning in conventional washers or dryers. 

Wear Info:

These slippers are meant to provide you with superior warmth and all the benefits of 100% Wool. Being a natural fibre, like other wool products, they should be treated with care to maximize their wear and prevent premature wear and tear. Daily prolonged use will result in natural wear of the wool and slipper components. 


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