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Your morning Coffee just got more exciting! 

These small batch roasted coffee blends from NL's own Bonavista Coffee Company are all you'll want to drink. Each blend is unique from the next, and from the moment you start to grind this whole bean coffee, you'll be excited for what awaits you in your coffee mug. 

Don't have a burr grinder? Use your Magic Bullet or handheld grinder to get your beans ready for the brewer. 

Each Blend is Medium Roasted with the exception of Espresso Roasts. 


Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes, similar to wine, are the aroma and tastes that give you the feel for different elements that makes each coffee unique. They are not artificial flavourings.

For instance, a tasting note of 'Caramel' we find generally means a warmer richer tasting coffee, where as a note of 'Lavender' has a light floral finish. 

In the end, tasting is very individual but we'll guarantee you'll have plenty of fun trying out the different blends!



NEW! Juan Rodriguez (Guatemala) - Notes: Grape, Honey, Toasted Almond, Tobacco. Medium Roast.

NEW! Ngogomo (Burundi) - Notes: Jasmine, Maple Syrup, Melon. Medium Roast.

NEW! Qoree Gera (Ethiopia) - Notes: Citrus, Earthy, Peach. Medium Roast. 

Monkaaba Multi (Colombia) - Notes: Bright Citrus, Pineapple, Honey, Cream. Medium Roast.

Long Beach Blend (Colombia/Rwanda) - Notes: Honey Processed for an amazing sweet seasonal Drip coffee. Medium Roast

Moonlight Blend (Colombia) - Notes: Cherry & Dark Chocolate - Dark Roasted and can be used as a dark drip coffee or espresso. 

La Familia Ortega-Gomez (Colombia) - Notes: Caramel, Pineapple, Apple Juice - Medium Roast


Half Caf (Columbia) - Notes: Mandarin Orange, Raisin, Plum - Medium Roast

Quindio DECAF (Columbia) - Notes: S'mores, Raisin, Plum - Medium Roast



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