About us


Life Inspired.

This is what we’re all about at Hillhead House!

Being located in a small community on Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, at the very edge of the North Atlantic, there is no shortage of inspiration in day-to-day life.

The island that we live on is an ancient land, defined by its spirit and colour – and equally colourful people. It’s where the Vikings came to explore new worlds, where caribou roam, where rugged craggy cliffs define the coastlines and where you can see for miles and miles over rolling barrens that often make you feel as if you’ve stepped, for just a moment, onto the Moors of Ireland.

But mostly, it’s a magical, mystical place, with strong ties to the open sea and where a fairy could be waiting just the next valley over – it’s hard NOT to be inspired by just living here.

Ruggedness and refinement, these are the qualities of our province that we bring to our products. Inspiration taken from the old and the new.  

Finding and creating little luxuries that make you and your home unique is a key element in our product choices.  We strive to assist you in creating the living space of your dreams, making that present extraordinary, or engaging in just some plain self-indulgence.   In our store you may find a stylish Mongolian Fur Pillow right next to an aged piece of driftwood. Hand knit pot cloths next to elegant place settings. Chic linen aprons next to sea worn Cork Floats.

This is our world.

Explore. Be inspired. Make your life special. Everyday.