Paint the Town Pink


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Paint the Town Pink

by Lori Doody

Once, on a particularly windy day, a stranger arrived in town. A storm had blown her there from a very long way away. She wasn't the first unusual visitor, but she was certainly the most flamboyant.

Lori Doody is back with another charming and quirky picture book—this time about a flamingo, blown off course. The town where she has so unexpectedly landed looks very nice, and might be a good place to settle down, but she isn't quite sure she'll fit in. She tries to find a flock of her own; unfortunately, all her looking comes to nothing. But the people in the town are keen to keep their flamingo friend. What better way to make her feel at home than to paint the town pink.

Inspired by the story of two flamingos that were sighted in Newfoundland years ago, Lori Doody has crafted a charming and gentle tale about being a stranger in a new place, needing to belong, and ultimately being welcomed in the warmest of ways. Young readers and listeners will have great fun looking for flamingos tucked into the illustrations, and watching as the town and the townsfolk gradually make their feathered friend one of the family.

The book includes a brief list of flamingo facts as well.

What folks are saying

"A heartening, sweet, and distinctive look at one unusual migrant's successful quest for a new home."

— Kirkus Reviews 

"Paint the Town Pink is a story about welcoming migrants, a timely book that you don’t want to miss."

— CM: Canadian Review of Materials  

"Doody’s is a simple, lighthearted tale and an apt portrayal of the geniality and hospitality for which Newfoundlanders are rightly famous."

— Quill & Quire  

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