Fluted Glass Lamp Candle Warmer

$64.99 CAD

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Enjoy your candles the flameless way with this sleek and modern candle warming lamp. This lamp melts the wax from above instead of using the wick so it extends the life and scent of your candle! It's perfect for people with kids or pets or anyone who would prefer not to have an open flame!

  • FEATURES: Top-down warming technology provides the look and fragrance of a lit candle without the flame. NP5 bulb, included, can be replaced when it wears out.
  • USE: Accommodates most jar candles 22 oz or smaller and up to 6" tall.
  • SPECS: Overall dimensions are 7.75"x5.25"x10.75". The cord is 3ft with a switch on cord for easy on/off. NP1 bulb included.
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