'Wolfish' - 8x10" Print

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"A bit crooked. I love lupin season, but it seems to pass far too quickly. Who will beautify our highways and ditches when the lupins wilt?"

  • Photo by local photographer Curtis Meeker
  • Print comes sealed in clear bag with cardstock backing
  • 8x10"

Curtis Meeker is an educator and visual arts enthusiast based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Curtis’ major passion is video production and cinematography, but through exploring filmmaking he developed a deep love for photography. Curtis continues to develop his photography style and technique, balancing his use of moody tones with the colorful and breathtaking scenes of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Curtis has a keen interest in all things natural and historic, often turning his camera towards forgotten fishing stages or wild patches of unkempt landscape. He can typically be found hiking Newfoundland’s coastal trails, admiring steep ocean cliffs, and photographing the province’s wonderfully unique terrain.

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