'The Island' by Lori Doody

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An island off the coast of another island is home to a small community; life is rich with joy and challenges, and the people who live there love their island home.

One day they learn the government will move them off the island, to new homes with modern conveniences like electricity. Life will be easier, but will it be better?

In a gentle and sparse prose, and with her unique folk-art illustrations, Lori Doody tells the story of resettlement in Newfoundland - it is a deeply personal tale, but it is also the story of anyone who has left a loved home to start anew and who carries their old home still in their heart.


A printmaker by training, Lori Doody is the author/illustrator of several widely praised picture books that combine bright, simple illustrations with witty, spare stories; these include Capelin Weather, The Puffin Problem, Paint the Town Pink, Catalina, Lana Llama, and the Mr. Beagle series.


  • 7x9.75"
  • For Readers Aged 4-8
  • 44 Pages


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