Our Story

Live Life Inspired. 

This is what we’re all about at Hillhead House!

Located in the historic harbour city of St. John's in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, at the very edge of the North Atlantic, in a city that offers a new adventure at every turn. But our Story doesn't start here.

It started on the Southern Shore of NL, where there is no shortage of amazing experiences to be had. As a young girl I spent days with family exploring rolling barrens and marshes in search of coveted berries for family recipes, picnics along craggy cliffs and rugged coastlines, and being enthralled by Nan's tales of the fairies and how we should always take a slice of bread to give those mystical beings should we ever encounter them. And whether I liked it or not, fishing the secret gullies in a canoe with my parents and brothers to this day brings me a sense of peace I've been in search of my whole life (and believe me when I tell you, I am no outdoors-woman and would much prefer to run as far as I can from any type of bug...really.)

The Southern Shore is seriously a magical place that has built a kind yet strong folk, that truly live up to their Irish Roots. The place, the people, the stories, it's hard not to be transported to another world at times and just let your imagination run wild. That creative spirit and imagination is completely ingrained in me. 

Fast forward a number of years, several trips to Europe for my University Degrees opened my eyes to the sheer amount of culture and experiences there are to be had in the world. That spark of adventure, cultivated as a child, exploded into a world of possibilities.

My favourite things to do were to shop little boutiques and discover the most amazing little shops that pepper just about every street. It's a place where vintage treasures, handmade specialities, and quality local products can be found, and where shop owners actually stopped to talk to you. I found myself wishing I could find this experience at home.

This is where the idea of Hillhead House took shape. I longed to create somewhere that people could make a treasured find and help them enjoy life's little luxuries. A place that produces local items and supports local makers. A place where stopping and chatting with our patrons and actually get to know them is commonplace. A Shop influenced by our European ties - a place where old world elegance meets new world style.

Hillhead House started coming to life, first through attending local markets and Home shows & owning our own little nook of the internet. All of this culminated in 2018 with the opening of our Store Front in North America's Oldest City, nestled amongst all those historic jellybean coloured row houses this City is so famous for. 

Where we now reside used to be a old time butcher shop (you can actually feel the floor dip where the weight of the butcher block used to be), seamstress & dress makers, computer cafe (thank you 90's!), offices and now finally our European Inspired & Newfoundland rooted Shop all about the treasures that make us happy. 

Dreams and imagination may have been the foundation of this Shop, but its family that made it a reality. From my husband Philippe, Mom & Dad, my brothers, Aunts & Uncles, cousins and friends, this dream got off the ground with countless hours of support from these people. I have to also include the Staff of Hillhead House who live by the values our shop exudes and who have become more like family than anything else. 

Whether you're coming to us from near or far, we hope to inspire you. 

This is our world!

Come in. Explore. Be Inspired. Take Time. Make Life Special. Everyday!

- Melissa Lamarre, Family and the Staff of Hillhead House