Forged Iron Courting Candle

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This replica of an authentic period Courting Candle, this candle stick is as unique as it's history. 

Harkening from an age where courting a Lady by a Gentleman was overseen by the Father of the house, the Courting couple would have only as much time as it took for the flame to burn down to the first rung of the Candle Stick. The young man visiting had the good graces of the Father, perhaps he'd give the Courting Couple a little extra time by winding up the Candle a bit further up. Say something that Dad didn't quite like, well perhaps you'd find that you're time with your Lass trimmed as the Father wound the nob further down the rungs. 

Accented with delicate hand forged curls, this Courting Candle served as a gentle yet firm reminder of making the most of your time together. 

Measures approx. 6.5"H

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